Interior Design Tip Focal Points

Andrew Wilson

No matter how large or how small your interior design project will be, a key interior design tip centers on determining a focal point. Examples of focal points can be a fireplace, stairway, picture windows, decorative moldings or built-in bookshelves. Upon entering a room with a focal point, our eyes are immediately drawn to that area so a good interior design tip to remember is if you have a focal point, use it to its best advantage. An interior design consultant will tell you to accentuate the focal point and don’t clutter the area or add items that will compete with the main attraction.
A room with a fireplace has an automatic focal point and a good interior design tip to enhance this area is to add decorative fireplace accessories, a piece or artwork to the wall behind the fireplace, if applicable, replacing or adding decorative tiles in front of the fireplace itself and decorating the mantle. Keep in mind, the fireplace is the focal point so anything you add should complement it. If you don’t have a fireplace, consider this interior design tip and do some research and find out if a wood burning stove can be installed in your home….

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